5 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean this Summer

Memorial Day is around the corner. That’s the official kick-off of swimming season. Many residential and commercial pools are getting ready to open.  But opening the pool is just the start of the maintenance routine.  Keeping the pool clean all summer long is the challenge.  Algae, cloudy water are just waiting in the wings.  Here are 5 tips for keeping your pool clean this summer. Continue Reading →

What’s the Best Residential Swimming Pool Filtration System?

If you are building or renovating a residential swimming pool, you might be considering
different filtering media.  The most commonly used methods of filtering water in residential swimming pools are D.E., sand, or cartridge systems.  Let’s look at each one.
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3 Reasons Commercial Swimming Pools Need a Vak Pak System

Vak Pak custom pool filters are different from any other system on the market. Each Vak Pak system is engineered and built with the needs of commercial pool builders and pool operators in mind.  There are many reasons to want a Vak Pak for your next commercial build. But, here are 3 reasons commercial swimming pools need a Vak Pak system.  Continue Reading →

The Differences Between a Salt Water and a Chlorine Pool

Chlorine has been used to sanitize pools for over 50 years. The standard method of using chlorine is to add liquid chlorine or float solid chlorine tablets. Sanitizing with this method is effective, but it requires the constant addition of chemicals. More recently, chlorine generators have been developed to convert salt to chlorine through electrolysis. Here are the major differences between chlorine pools and salt water pools and the impact on pool filtration: Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Every Home Needs a Vak Pak Filtration System

When building a new pool, homeowners are most concerned with the aesthetics of the pool design. There are endless discussions about the shape, the depth, the type of tile, coping and deck style. Will a spa or water feature be included? Just as important as the visual design is the mechanical design. Homeowners may not realize it, but, if the mechanical design isn’t right, the visual components won’t matter. Instead of a delight, the pool becomes a headache. Here’s how a Vak Pak swimming pool filtration system can make you a winner with your clients and result in rave reviews every time. After reading this, we can bet you’ll agree that every home needs a Vak Pak. Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Make Your Pool Design Safer for Kids

Spring is almost here and it’s about time for the residential pool market to heat up. You can assure your clients that your designs are family friendly when you incorporate these ideas to make your pools safer for kids. Continue Reading →

3 Questions Contractors Frequently Ask

Vak Pak is the leader in the manufacture of commercial pool filtration systems.  So, it’s no wonder that we get questions from contractors on a regular basis.  In addition to specific questions geared to individual projects, we get general questions as well.  Here are 3 questions we hear most frequently. Continue Reading →

Why Commercial Pools Are Failing Health Inspections

Every summer, thousands of public pools, splash pads, and spas are closed due to health and safety violations according to the Centers for Disease Control.  Researchers reviewed the results of health and safety inspections in the 5 states with the highest number of public pools and aquatic play areas (Arizona, California, Florida, New York and Texas). An astonishing 80% identified at least one violation.  The most common were: Continue Reading →