How Automation Makes Pool Maintenance Easy

A pool is an investment of space and money. It can also be a major investment of time to maintain. However, with proper planning and the right equipment, you can automate many parts of pool care and operation to make your life easier.

Automate recirculation and filtration

The easiest form of automation is one you probably already know. Automate the recirculation and filter systems.

It doesn’t matter if you use a cartridge, diatomaceous earth or sand for your filtering media, the system can be automated.

Think of the pump as the heart and the filter media as the kidneys. As long as the heart is pumping, the kidneys are filtering. So, automate your pool pump to recirculate the water and it will automate the filtration system. Use a timer to run your pool about 8 to 9 hours a day during season.


While you might be tempted to run the pump at night when electricity costs are lower, that’s a bad idea. You need to run the pump in the daytime. That’s when the pool water is most likely to become contaminated from birds flying overhead and bathers in the pool. At the beginning and end of the season when the pool has less use, you can run the pump for a shorter period time.

Automate chlorination

The days of lugging jugs of chlorine to the pool are over. Use automatic chemical feeders to control chlorine and pH levels automatically. Even if you use a salt system to generate chlorine, that can be automated as well.

Today’s sophisticated equipment can be set to dose chemicals from crocks and holding tanks automatically. Vak Pak can even house chemical automation equipment in the same cabinet as the recirculation and filter equipment to place all of your pool equipment conveniently in one place.

Automatically control water level

Evaporation is a problem if your pool isn’t covered.  Checking the water level every day, especially when the weather is warm or the winds are blowing is crucial to maintaining proper water level. If water levels drop too low, water can’t recirculate and be filtered properly. You can damage expensive equipment as well.

Now you can automate water levels. New water leveling technology monitors the pool water level and when it detects a drop, it signals an automatic refill. Water is automatically added to the pool to return it to a preset level. How easy is that?

Eliminate complexity and minimize maintenance with automation

Maintaining proper water quality is crucial to the health and smooth operation of your pool. It requires knowledge of chemistry, physics and a little about the weather. But if you automate the operation of your pool as much as possible, you don’t need to worry about passing a science quiz.

Automate the recirculation and filtration systems to move and clean the water. Automate the chemical treatment of the water to maintain proper pH and sanitizer levels. Automate the addition of water to maintain the waterline at the proper level. You can even automate your pool lighting.

When you take advantage of automation, pool maintenance is minimized, frustration is reduced and the backyard pool is a joy and not a headache.  Want to learn more? Contact Vak Pak, the leaders in automated pool recirculation and filtration systems.