Pool Equipment You Can’t Live Without

A backyard swimming pool is your own personal oasis. Keep it that way. With the right equipment, your pool is safe, free from maintenance headaches and a joy instead of a burden. If this sounds good to you, make sure your pool includes this must have equipment.

Drowning prevention equipment

There is no substitution for adult supervision to prevent drowning. And, there is also no better way to prevent drowning by circulation entrapment than with gravity drainage. Just as the watchful eye of an adult keeps children in the pool safe, gravity drainage is the fail-proof way to prevent circulation entrapment.


If your pool has a main drain, a damaged drain cover can create an unseen danger. The force of suction from the pump can hold a person underwater at the drain with such force it is impossible to free them. Drowning occurs in the blink of an eye. This is called drowning by circulation entrapment. It is completely avoidable.


Use gravity drainage and remove direct suction from the pump. Water drains into a collector tank where it is then pumped back to be filtered, heated and recirculated. Gravity drainage with a collector tank is the only secondary method of preventing circulation entrapment drowning that is approved under the Virginia Graeme Baker Act that is 100% failsafe. It requires no extra maintenance and doesn’t rely on mechanical equipment or device. As long as you have gravity, you have protection. You know your pool is safe with gravity drainage.

Pool Cover

A pool cover reduces the cost of heating your pool and diminishes water loss due to evaporation. This makes your pool less expensive to operate.


A pool cover traps in the heat and your water stays warmer longer. You don’t need to run your heater or heat pump as long. That’s a tremendous energy saver. For example, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that heating an uncovered pool in Kansas City runs about $715 per year. Cover that same pool and the annual heating costs drop to $145.

In warmer climates like Miami, where pools are used longer, the savings are even greater. An uncovered pool in Miami costs over $1,000 to keep warm, but with a cover, the cost drops to a little over $200.


Not all pool covers are physical. There are liquid swimming pool covers that are just as effective when used properly.

Cabinet to soundproof equipment

Nothing spoils the tranquility of a late-night dip like the sound of noisy circulation and filtration equipment. Vak Pak filter and recirculation systems are housed in cabinets that not only protect the equipment from the elements, it muffles the sound as well.


Above grade cabinets house all the equipment you need to re-circulate your pool water and keep it clean. They are visually attractive, make equipment installation and repair easier, and keep your equipment tamper-proof and safe. The cabinet allows adequate circulation to prevent equipment from overheating but contains noise. You and your neighbors will appreciate the tranquility.

Automatic pool sweep

Reduce the hassle of pool cleaning. Not all debris is removed by the skimmer. That’s why vacuuming the pool is so important to maintain proper sanitizer levels. An automatic pool sweep or automatic pool vacuum cleaner runs regularly to remove these debris. They are effective and save you time and money. They save time because you spend less time cleaning the pool. They save you money because debris and vegetation in the pool consumes expensive sanitizer chemicals. The more sanitizer you use, the more you must add. Be sure to pick a vacuum model that cleans walls as well as the pool floor.


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