Backyard Water Features Your Clients Need

These days people are looking for more than just a backyard pool. They want an experience that is worthy of a stay-cation year after year. And, pool designers and builders are stepping up their game to deliver. Add excitement to your next design by incorporating one or more of these backyard water features.

Splash Pads

Residential splash pads are a hot trend in backyard features. They can be incorporated as part of a pool build or as a stand-alone backyard water feature. They are a great alternative for water play when budget or safety is a concern. A splash pad can be built for less than a swimming pool and it will cost less to maintain. They also eliminate the risk of drowning.

Installation is easy with Vak Pak’s interactive water feature systems. These splash pad filters come pre-plumbed and pre-wired with the pumps, filters and chemical control equipment needed to operate it. Your clients will love the energy efficient features in every Vak Pak splash pad system. They include valve diverters to save water and make maintenance easier.


We absolutely love it when waterfalls are built as part of a pond, entryway or backyard feature. When water runs vertically, it refracts light and creates color to complement your pool.

Take your design even further and delight your clients with a combination of waterfalls and lights. Lights will add visual drama while allowing the homeowner to enjoy the fluid motion even after the sun sets.


Whether you recycle an old planter or integrate a natural stone feature, fountains are in high demand. Not only do they add value to the property, but the sound of moving water calms everyone. The result will be a build that refreshes homeowners as they take in the relaxing atmosphere.

Properly use fountains, like waterfalls, to set the mood. Water falling provides a spa-like setting and fast moving water can mask sounds from the surrounding area. Fountains can turn even the most industrial location into a Zen-inducing retreat.

Zero Entry Pools

Why go to the beach when it’s in the backyard? Zero entry pools slope gradually to allow children, elderly and disabled people easy entrance.  Add a fountain bubbler or a waterfall to a zero entry pool for a truly dynamic duo.

A zero entry pool will set your client’s pool apart from everyone in the neighborhood. While the neighbors might be content to lounge in chairs by the pool, your client will be sunbathing in the shallow water at the edge of their zero entry pool.  These pools may need extra space, but the envy factor is well worth it.

The solutions You Need for any build

No matter the size of your next build, Vak Pak has the equipment you need. Whether it’s splash pad filters or pool  filtration systems, Vak Pak builds the equipment you need.

Any Vak Pak can be customized for your build. Installation is quick and easy when everything is pre-plumbed and pre-wired to your specifications. Call (855) 313-3696 or contact us online. We can’t wait to work with you!