3 Ways to Keep Your Pool Safe and Clean this Summer

Summer time is swimming pool time. Vak Pak, the nation’s leading manufacturer of collector tanks, swimming pool filtration systems and cabinets/vaults wants every pool to be clean and safe this summer. Here are three things to keep in mind when it comes to pool safety and sanitization:

Keep it Safe with a Gravity Drainage System
All commercial pools with a main drain are required by the Virginia Graeme Baker Act to use one of the approved methods for entrapment drowning prevention. A gravity drainage system is the only approved method that is absolutely failsafe.

Gravity drainage removes the direct suction created by the pump from the main drain. With gravity drainage, water flows from the main drain to a collector tank. The pump pulls water from the collector tank and not the pool. Once the water is filtered and treated, it is returned to the pool.

There are few things in life you can always rely on and gravity is one of them. As long as we have it, the gravity drainage system will be the safest method of preventing drowning by entrapment.

Keep it Clean with Proper Chemical Treatment
Water that is sparkling clean and safe is only achieved with proper balance. The pH, alkalinity, total dissolved solids, and hardness must be monitored and adjusted on a regular basis.
Automatic chlorine and acid feeder systems make this task much easier. The chemicals are automatically fed into the water before it is returned to the pool.

When you automatically inject chemicals after filtration, your equipment is protected from chlorine’s corrosive properties. It also keeps the water properly sanitized. You can just set it and forget about it. For most applications, use one pound of chlorine per gallon per minute of recirculation flow.

For added safety, chemical feeder systems can be housed in locking cabinets. Check local regulations as a guide during the initial design phase.

Know What to Do When a Storm Approaches
Hurricane season started June 1. Now is the time to review your plan for securing your pool to keep it clean and safe if a storm approaches.

Fixed pool covers should be anchored securely in place while all other pool covers should be removed. Do not drain water from the pool. If the pool area has adequate drainage, rainwater will not cause flooding.

Remember, some storms are dry. The weight of the water in the pool makes sure the pool doesn’t pop out of the ground. Add shock and algaecide to the water and turn the pump off. Do not operate equipment until after the storm has passed, power is safely restored and the equipment has been inspected for water damage from rain or storm surge.

We want to make sure you have a safe and clean pool all summer long! Want more information about collector tanks or automatic chemical feeder systems? Contact us today or call (855) 313-3696.