Father’s Day Gifts to Keep Dad Chillin’ by the Pool

Vak Pak is your go-to source for collector tanks and splash pad filters. But, we know those aren’t traditional Father’s Day gifts. So, we’ve put together some great ideas to make Dad feel loved while he’s out by the pool all summer long:

Underwater Speakers

Whether you Dad is swimming laps or just relaxing, he may want to enjoy his favorite songs from a new perspective. Underwater speakers aren’t just for swim teams because homeowners are loving them, too! Once they are connected to a stereo system, you can mount or float the speakers without having to renovate an existing pool. Let Dad enjoy his day at the pool with new tunes!


Underwater Lights

Create a relaxing ambiance in your pool this Father’s Day by adding some underwater lights. When Dad would rather relax in the pool without the shining sun, he can choose his favorite colors to light up the night. Enhance your pool with great underwater lights and Dad will love his pool even more!

Bluetooth Speaker Enabled Cooler
This Father’s Day, Dad can listen to his favorite beat while enjoying his drink if you get him a cooler with Bluetooth speakers built in. Wirelessly stream music to the cooler from any Bluetooth enabled device and relax. This summer, the pool will be your dad’s favorite spot for a cool drink and great music.

Celebrate Dad by the Pool
We know that time spent with family and friends by the pool makes memories that last a lifetime. So, this Father’s Day, we encourage you to celebrate your dad by the pool. And, when you need to clean or change your pool’s filtration system, Vak Pak is the way to go. Vak Pak is home to some of the finest collector tanks, residential pool filtration systems, and splash pad products. We can’t wait to work with you!