How to Maintain an Environmentally Friendly Pool

When it comes to being eco-friendly, swimming pools tend to have an unfair reputation. In California, some municipalities banned pool construction and filling during droughts. They later reversed their positions when they discovered the average pool and deck uses less water than a comparable size lawn with landscaping. That’s right, you actually save water when you replace a lawn with a pool. If you already have a pool, here are some ways to keep it environmentally friendly:


Use a Pool Cover

Pool covers save energy and water.  A pool cover in place while the pool is not in use will reduce the amount of energy you use to keep the pool heated. The U.S. Department of Energy has charts based on location showing how much energy is saved when a pool cover is used over a heated pool. Look up your location and see the savings.


Pool covers also save water. Outdoor pools lose water through evaporation. The water and air temperature, humidity and wind speed all impact its evaporation rate. On days especially with high winds, low humidity and high temperatures, you can lose a great amount of water to evaporation. But, a pool cover prevents this! Physical pool covers provide the best protection, while liquid pool covers cost less but are about 25% less efficient.


Use a Variable Speed Pump

Your pool pump is the heart of your residential pool filtration system. It circulates water to the filter to remove particles and returns clean water back to the pool. It is also one of the largest consumers of energy in your home. If it runs for six to eight hours a day, it can use 3,000 to 5,000 kW every year.


Traditional pumps run at their maximum speed at all times. Variable speed pumps recognize that it doesn’t always need to run at its fastest speed. You can choose to run a fast speed for as long as the pump needs to keep the filtration and skimmer working properly. You can then switch to a lower speed to maintain proper turnover. Variable speed pumps are more energy efficient than two speed motors and can be included in any Vak Pak residential swimming pool filtration system.


Use an Eco-Friendly DE Pool Filtration System

More and more residential pool filtration systems are utilizing diatomaceous earth (DE) as its filtering media. Though it is a superior filtering media compared to sand, it can be wasteful.  Backwashing a traditional DE system sends thousands of gallons of water into the waste stream and disposing of the used DE can be difficult.  


Vak Pak has engineered a proprietary Eco Wash backwash system. This allows you to backwash the DE filter without wasting a single gallon of water. The used DE is captured in bags for easy disposal.


Vak Pak is Your Partner for Eco Friendly Pools

Vak Pak does more than just manufacture pool collector tanks, commercial and residential swimming pool filtration systems and interactive water features.  Vak Pak cares about saving lives and caring for the environment. That’s why they are the industry leaders in gravity drainage systems to prevent entrapment drownings. They also have environmental friendly options like variable speed pumps and DE systems that don’t waste water. Contact Us to find out how we can help make your pool more environmentally friendly.