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How Pool Filtration Works

If the pump is the heart of the pool circulation system; then the filters are the kidneys. Just as your kidneys play a vital role in removing impurities from your blood to keep your body healthy, your pool filtration system plays a vital part in keeping your pool water clear and clean. Continue Reading →


5 Ways Vak Pak Makes Pool Installation and Maintenance Easier

The design of your pool’s recirculating and filtering systems has an impact on how easy or hard your systems will be to maintain. A well designed pumping and filtering system is easy to install, gives you maximum usable life from your equipment, and is easy to maintain. Over the life of the pool equipment, this can also lead to considerable savings. Here’s how. Continue Reading →

Drowning Prevention

2016 Submersion and Entrapment Report – Consumer Product Safety Commission

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has released its annual report on deaths and injuries due to submersion and entrapment in swimming pools and spas.
The good news is that entrapment deaths and injuries are down by 50%. The bad news is that the number of children treated for nonfatal drowning injuries in 2015 is not statistically different from 2014.

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3 Tips for Picking the Best Circulation System for Your Pool

If you want water that stays clear, it’s important to have the best circulation system. Just like a healthy circulation system is vital to your health, your pool’s health relies on the system to circulate, filter and sanitize the water. A pool with sparkling clear water doesn’t happen by accident, it’s the result of careful planning before the build. Here are 3 tips for picking the best circulation system to put you on your way to a clean, bright pool. Continue Reading →

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How to Prepare Your Pool for Hurricane Season

It’s extremely important to start preparing your pool for hurricane season before any bad weather or big storms are on the radar. The necessary early season preparation includes checking drainage, identifying troublespots and making sure you have the right supplies. Continue Reading →

Rain water

How Rainwater Affects Your Swimming Pool

A little rain doesn’t have much impact on your pool’s water. But a significant rainfall event or a series of small rains can affect the water in your pool. Some of the affects are negative, but there are a few positive silver linings to those rain clouds. Here’s what happens to the water in the pool when it rains. Continue Reading →

Drowning prevention

Vak Pak & National Drowning Prevention Month

May is designated as national Drowning Prevention Month. Drowning is the number one cause of death for children under the age of 2. Vak Pak supports Drowning Prevention Month but is committed to drowning prevention all year long. Continue Reading →

Pool Safety

Why Drowning Prevention Is Our Top Priority

Every life is special and precious. Vak Pak understands this and we know that there is nothing more tragic than a parent burying a child. Especially when the child has died a death that was completely preventable. Continue Reading →