Drowning prevention

How Do Collector Tanks Work?

The use of collector tanks has been mandatory on public pools and spas in Florida for over 40 years.  The laws were enacted in Florida to prevent drowning by suction entrapment.  Since the Florida law passed, not one instance of drowning by suction entrapment has taken place where a collector tank has been in use. Not one.

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The Best Filtration System for Splash Pads

Have you considered incorporating splash pads or interactive water features in one of your builds? They are becoming more and more popular. Splash pads need filtration and circulation systems just like swimming pools; but their needs are very different.

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What is a Gravity Drainage System?

If you design or build commercial or residential swimming pools, you need to be concerned with safety, main drain entrapment, and drowning prevention.  If your focus is commercial pools, designing to prevent main drain entrapment is more than a concern, it is the law.

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Main drain entrapment

Our Helpful Guide to Avoid Main Drain Entrapment

Drowning or injury from main drain entrapment is a completely avoidable tragedy. Since Congress passed the Virginia Graeme Baker Act in 2007, all public pools with a main drain must employ a device to prevent main drain entrapment. Private pools were excluded from the law, but main drain entrapment is still a concern for backyard pools and spas.

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5 Common Pool Filtration Issues

5 Common Pool Filtration Issues

Owning a pool should be a pleasure, not a headache. Sometimes the hardest part of solving a problem is identifying it. While your pool equipment is divided into several systems: the pool pump system, the pool filtration system, and the heating system, here are some common problems specifically associated with the pool filtration system.

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an under water pool drain close up
** Note: Visible grain at 100%, best at smaller sizes

Circulation Entrapment

Circulation entrapment is a very real danger to drowning. Federal laws were enacted to help prevent drowning as a result of circulation entrapment, but they only apply to public pools. Circulation entrapment is possible in private pools and spas as well. Let’s look at what circulation entrapment is and how you can prevent it. Continue Reading →

The pool with the blue water and deckchair

The Importance of Residential Swimming Pool Filtration Systems

You know your pool has a pump and a filter, but have you ever wondered why? The ocean doesn’t have a pump or a filter. People swim all the time in the ocean and even eat things that live there raw. So why the need for commercial and residential swimming pool filtration systems? Continue Reading →

Retro look filter and selective focus / Inflatable ball floating in swimming pool, , With place for your text

How Pool Filtration Works

If the pump is the heart of the pool circulation system; then the filters are the kidneys. Just as your kidneys play a vital role in removing impurities from your blood to keep your body healthy, your pool filtration system plays a vital part in keeping your pool water clear and clean. Continue Reading →