How Automation Makes Pool Maintenance Easy

A pool is an investment of space and money. It can also be a major investment of time to maintain. However, with proper planning and the right equipment, you can automate many parts of pool care and operation to make your life easier.
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Pool Equipment You Can’t Live Without

A backyard swimming pool is your own personal oasis. Keep it that way. With the right equipment, your pool is safe, free from maintenance headaches and a joy instead of a burden. If this sounds good to you, make sure your pool includes this must have equipment.

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Backyard Water Features Your Clients Need

These days people are looking for more than just a backyard pool. They want an experience that is worthy of a stay-cation year after year. And, pool designers and builders are stepping up their game to deliver. Add excitement to your next design by incorporating one or more of these backyard water features. Continue Reading →

4 Swimming Pool Upgrades Homeowners Love

Why build a pool the homeowner likes when you can create one they will love? Vak Pak, the leader in self-contained residential swimming pool filtration systems, has been helping builders create amazing pools since 1970. These upgrades are guaranteed to make homeowners fall in love with their pool all over again every time they walk outside. Here are some great ideas to incorporate in your next build: Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Keep Your Pool Safe and Clean this Summer

Summer time is swimming pool time. Vak Pak, the nation’s leading manufacturer of collector tanks, swimming pool filtration systems and cabinets/vaults wants every pool to be clean and safe this summer. Here are three things to keep in mind when it comes to pool safety and sanitization:

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What You Need to Know About Commercial Pool Safety

Commercial pools are subject to regulation on many levels. It can be daunting to comply with the several commercial pool safety laws out there. The federal Virginia Graeme Baker Act is meant to prevent drowning by entrapment. While local laws for safety equipment, fences and municipal building codes can all be overwhelming. Here’s a guide of what you should know about commercial pool safety:

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Father’s Day Gifts to Keep Dad Chillin’ by the Pool

Vak Pak is your go-to source for collector tanks and splash pad filters. But, we know those aren’t traditional Father’s Day gifts. So, we’ve put together some great ideas to make Dad feel loved while he’s out by the pool all summer long:

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How to Maintain an Environmentally Friendly Pool

When it comes to being eco-friendly, swimming pools tend to have an unfair reputation. In California, some municipalities banned pool construction and filling during droughts. They later reversed their positions when they discovered the average pool and deck uses less water than a comparable size lawn with landscaping. That’s right, you actually save water when you replace a lawn with a pool. If you already have a pool, here are some ways to keep it environmentally friendly: Continue Reading →